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Solutions & Services  - Digitization Scanning & Trade Protect

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Solutions & Services  - Digitization Scanning & Trade Protect

         Solutions & Services from Centrafest : To prosper, every corporation and professional practice must acquire, store, and use the right information at the right time.
         Today, the buzzword in corporate India is outsourcing. Starting from EDP functions to H.R., Indian corporate have come a long way and to some extent understood the value and benefits they get of outsourcing areas, which they feel is not where their core competency lay.

         In today's document-intensive workplace, companies face the challenge of effectively managing their electronic and paper records to control operational costs, improve efficiencies, avert crises, and fulfill legal requirements. The quality and timeliness of information--how it's obtained, stored, retrieved, managed, and archived--provides a significant edge in today's competitive business environment. Hard-to-find or incorrect information can cost you dearly in terms of lost customers and productivity, compliance, and competitiveness. To prosper, every corporation and professional practice must acquire, store, and use the right information at the right time.

        Whether you're faced with a merger, lawsuit, or long-overdue "house cleaning," Centrafest Document/Business Card Management Services can help you develop effective, accurate document/business card management systems. We can help you develop a new system or enhance your current one. To accomplish this, we provide the best technology available today on-line or off.

Our services encompass basically in two broad categories:


Trade Protect Services (TPS)

A trade mark popularly known as brand name, is an identification symbol which may be a word, a device, a label or numeral etc. or a combination thereof used in the course of trade to enable the purchasing public to distinguish one trader's goods from similar goods of other traders. Now safeguard your Brand using our specialized services known as TRADEPROTECT.

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Digitization Services (DS)

Digitization Services is again covered under two subheads.

1) Business Card Digitization (BCD)

Simply send us your Business Cards and we will send them back to you on a CD complete with free electronic Search and Retrieval software which you can use to view, email, print! and much much more.

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2) Document Digitization (DD)

The Document Digitization Service can transform original materials to digital format for you. We convert books, photographs, journal volumes, rare documents and artifacts into "digital objects." Our digitization services are available to support a variety of projects.

Digitization staff will work with you to determine the best type of digital capture for a particular resource based on the nature of the original material and its potential use. Each staff member specializes in digitization methods appropriate to particular types of materials.

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