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Digitization Services

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Digitization Services

Digitization Services

From any PAPER to anything ELECTRONIC : (Digitization services)
Centrafest Technologies is one of the very few companies that provides the very special services of
digitizing your Business Cards.

Centrafest Technologies (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd., provides the highest quality and most cost effective solutions for your DOCUMENT CONVERSION, BUSINESS CARD CONVERSION and DATA ENTRY projects.

‘Centrafest Technologies is one of the very few companies that provides the very special services of digitizing your Business Cards into a searchable Database along with Business Card Images.’

We convert your paper, book , business cards or old computer files into organized useful digital information. There is no "one-size-fits-all" process for data conversion and capture: we select the method most appropriate for your project, whether it's keyboarding, optical character recognition, or double key entry with verification.
Centrafest provides full data entry, document conversion and management, indexing and file conversion services, at low prices from our production facilities. We are committed to the highest accuracy, efficiency, economy, and customer service in the business.

Centrafest provides a range of services that include (Digitization services) :

- Data entry / keyboarding
- Online Data Retrieval / Data Capture from Web
- Paper / computer file conversion
- Scanning / OCR with file editing / cleanup
- Indexing
- Adobe Acrobat PDF conversions and Interactive forms
- Forms & Insurance Claim processing
- HTML / XML coding, DTD Design and Validation

You send data from (Digitization services):

Business Cards ,Paper documents, book, newspaper, periodicals, etc.
Image files (tiff, pdf, gif, jpeg, etc.)
You receive your data in:

Any file format (Text, HTML, XML, PDF, MS-Word doc, MS-Excel xls, MS-Access mdb, etc.)
Any media (CDs, tape, Zip disk, etc.)
Via Internet, FTP, VPN, Telnet, etc.)
Digitizing: Scanning processes
Our scanning studio in Mumbai, India features a dedicated network server & scanners. Our studio also includes high-speed Pentium workstations optimized for quality assurance and image processing. And our skilled staff applies the highest standards and quality controls to scanning and related digitization processes.

Below is an overview of our scanning services and processes (Digitization services):

Grayscale scanning (Digitization services)
Grayscale scanning retains the tonal value present in the original, including continuous-tone and halftone photographs and illustrations. Grayscale images are composed of eight bits of information per pixel providing 256 shades of gray. Grayscale scanning is optimal for manuscripts, stained material, or documents with heavy bleed through, and often is the only way to capture illustrations and faded text. Grayscale scanning captures a wider variety of tonal values which translate to more information from the original document.

Scan resolution (Digitization services)
Documents can be scanned at varying resolutions depending on thickness and content specifications and on client needs. Typical scanning resolutions are 200, 300, 400 and 600 dpi (dots per inch). Resolutions are relative to the original document size and represent true dpi. We recommend achieving the highest possible scanned resolution given the size of the original.

Image processing (Digitization services)
Material which is microfilmed two pages per frame, or 2-up, can be split into separate image files during scanning or as a post-scan process. We also offer image processing options including deskewing and despeckling. Custom cropping or image enhancements, such as contrast adjustments, brightness adjustments, and sharpening, are also available.

File-naming and directories (Digitization services)
Centrafest Preservation Service Centers organize files into directories and name files according to client needs, often reflecting the bibliographic structure of the material, such as issue numbers for serials. Each file is named according to a scheme based on either simple sequential numbering or file content, such as page number or special feature codes denoting illustrations, indexes, etc. Filenames and directories can be limited to eight characters to conform to multiple computer platforms.

Tagging (Digitization services)
We can include additional descriptive information to TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) files. Standard tags in a TIFF file denote pixel width, pixel length, resolution and compression. Non-standard tags, which Centrafest Preservation Service Centers routinely add, identify the image name, source, and creation date. Custom tags can also be added per client specifications.


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