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Scanpen :
In the coming age of mobile technology, data acquisition peripherals like scanners have to get really small if they're to be as portable as, say, a Palm organizer.

Hand-held scanners have an undistinguished pedigree. Mention them to many computer users and the image that comes to mind is a "handy scanner"; the inexpensive but, frankly, lousy contraptions that had a scan head about half a page wide with an encoder wheel on either side of it. You dragged the scanner as evenly as you could across the thing you wanted to scan, the speed the wheels turned told it how fast it was moving, and when the scan was done you turned to the computer and beheld... a wiggly, uneven scan with somewhat variable brightness. Handy-scanners have been pretty much obliterated by the rise of dirt cheap and, for the money, generally excellent flatbed units. But a flatbed scanner is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a nifty pocket-sized gadget. In the coming age of mobile technology, data acquisition peripherals like scanners have to get really small if they're to be as portable as, say, a Palm organizer.

Imagine having the capabilities of a bulky flatbed scanner in a device that slips into your pocket! If you sit at a desk all day long this may not be important to you. But if you're a mobile professional who occasionally needs to capture printed text from a page wherever you are, this pocket scanner might be very important. You might be a student needing to copy a paragraph or two for a report, or a businessperson wanting to make a quick copy of a sales agreement. You might even be sitting on the beach reading a book of poetry and find a few lines you want to copy and send to a friend. Whatever you might be doing, you can now scan text with the help of the QuickLink Pen.

The ScanPen by WizCom Technologies is a small, hand-held, fully self-contained text scanner. It's an ergonomically designed device about the size of a large marker pen, that weighs a mere three ounces including batteries! The scanner at the tip of the Pen is angled to insure proper scanning. Seven small buttons just below the display let you access the Pen's functions. The scanned text is displayed on a 3-line green LCD display in easy-to-read black text. The QuickLink Pen can turn the text upside down, making it easy for left-handed users to operate the device. The Pen scans left-to-right or right-to-left, and its tip has a guiding line and rollers to make text scanning a snap! However, a steady hand and good hand/eye coordination are still required for the best results.

This MagicPen ( Scanpen ) is a Electronic Highlighter that enables you to scan, store and transfer printed text, barcodes and small images to your PC, laptop or PDA. Up to 1000 pages of scanned information can be stored on the or transferred directly into Windows applications in real-time via serial port, infrared or optional USB adapter.

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The Scan platform is based on an architecture so that developers can create unique applications to improve efficiency in different industries. Centrafest's Business Development department will be pleased to discuss your application ideas with you.

Built-in character recognition :
The QuickLink Pen ( Scanpen )has a built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability that turns the scanned characters into electronic text. It can recognize 6 to 22 point text, at a rate of 50-90 characters per second (based on the style of text and user's scanning ability.) The Pen scans one line at a time and you have to stop at the end of each line for a second or two to let the pen finish "reading" the text. When the Pen is ready, just lift the Pen up, move it to the next line, and keep on scanning. Continue this process until you have captured all the text you desire. The Pen "assumes" that the text you are scanning belongs in a single paragraph, unless you press the down arrow button to insert a return. While the Pen's OCR program is very accurate with printed text, it will not recognize handwritten text. (A future version of QuickLink Pen ( ScanPen ) will be capable of scanning handwriting as


a picture file, and capturing it as a graphic file, according to WizCom.) It also has difficulty dealing with text on a low-contrast background. It will read bold, italicized, inverted, and underlined words, but outputs them as normal, unformatted text. The Pen includes an extensive dictionary and a built-in text-editing feature. Four megabytes of memory gives the Pen the capability of storing 1000 pages of text internally. An additional 4 Mb of Flash memory can be added to the Pen, allowing its operating system, OCR software and dictionary to be upgraded in the future. The barcode symbols for numbers, punctuation, and every character in the English alphabet are printed on the back of the Pen's (Scanpen) hard plastic carrying case. If you run across text that can't be read, you can scan the barcode symbols on the case to input the text manually. You can also use this card to edit text errors.

Transferring text from the Pen to a desktop or Pocket PC :
The QuickLink Desktop application lets you exchange data between the QuickLink Pen and your desktop PC. Using this software, you can also attach the Pen to your desktop PC and use it to scan in data directly.

The QuickLink Pen ( ScanPen) has four built-in applications :
Notes, Address Book, Internet Links, and Table & Charts.

Notes: Use this to capture text from books, magazines, newspapers, and transfer it directly to your word processor, notepad, or text editor.
Address Book: Use this to capture and transfer contact information from business cards to Outlook or another contact list manager.
Internet Links: Use this to capture and transfer Web addresses and links into your browser links.
Table & Charts: Use this to capture and transfer tables and charts directly to your favorite spreadsheet program.

The QuickLink Pen has four transfer modes :
QuickLink mode works similarly to "ActiveSync" on your desktop PC. The Pen's data is transferred into the various desktop PC application programs.

Scan-to-PC mode scans text directly to a desktop PC and places it where the application's cursor is resting.
PC-to-PC Communications mode enables you to add/remove components (dictionaries, languages, OCR) and to backup or restore your data on your QuickLink Pen.
Beaming mode transfers data from the Pen using a built-in IrDA for laptops and desktops and
built-in IrObex for PDAs and mobile phones.

This scan head's less than a centimeter wide, which means the QuickLink Pen is not a scanner for graphics. It has absolutely no graphic acquisition ability. Which is just as well; using it to scan a photo would be like cutting the grass on a football field with a push mower. If you want portable image acquisition, get a digital camera.

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