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Corporate Digital Cameras
Corporate Digital Cameras



Corporate Digital Cameras :
Digital photography will open up a whole new world to you. It takes photography to the next level of fun, creativity, and excitement.

Choose from our fantastic range of digital cameras! From entry level right through to professional we have the cheap prices and great service you need.

Digital photography will open up a whole new world to you. It takes photography to the next level of fun, creativity, and excitement. For example, you can: Take 100’s of pictures without paying a penny for film. No more buying, and carrying around, rolls of delicate film. Do you remember keeping film in the refrigerator so it would stay "fresh"? From now on there’s no film, period. With a digital camera you can carry around the equivalent of more than 50 of rolls of film on a reusable chip roughly the size of large postage stamp.

Review your pictures instantly using the camera itself.
Did you get the picture you wanted? Should you take another one? Now you will know instantly. No more "insurance shots." No more guessing if the light was right, or if Mom blinked. Most camera models let you review your photo right on the camera’s little LCD screen. Don’t like it? Take another one at no extra cost. Decide which photos to print before they leave the camera. Hate having to pay for 36 prints from a roll of film when only 5 of them were worth printing in the first place? Now you control which pictures make it to paper.

Retouch your pictures.( Digital Camera)
A variety of computer software comes with many camera models to let you enhance, manipulate and retouch your photos like a professional. Get rid of wrinkles and pounds. Put your head on the quarterback’s body. Correct the color, change the background, re-crop and resize. Change them to watercolors, line drawings, or even jig saw puzzles. Create your own works of art, or greeting cards, or screen savers. Make letterhead and business cards with the pictures you took of yourself, your home office, or even your dog.

Print those pictures.( Digital Camera)
Got a good color printer? Good. You can now print top-quality photographic prints right from your home computer or, in some models, directly from the camera, on photographic quality paper, in any quantity and at any size.

Send 100 pictures.( Digital Camera)
Don’t keep your photos all to yourself. Share them with the universe. Send them by email. Put them up on your website. Enter them in online photo contests. Use them to document the pothole in your street when you email Street Maintenance. Neatly store your 100 pictures. No more piles of prints, boxes of prints, closets of prints waiting to be sorted and filed "somewhere." Create folders on your hard drive and sort the pictures by date, by topic, by relative, by event and then make duplicates and cross file them. Burn it all to your very own CD

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Here are Some of the best Digital Cameras available in the market :

1) D035MINI (0.35MP) : ( Digital Camera)

   Specifications :( Digital Camera)

Storage memory size: 2MB SDRAM
CIF (320*240): 20 pictures
QCIF (160*120): 80 pictures
    Under compressed
CIF (320*240): 46 pictures
QCIF (160*120): 80 pictures
Lens: 1/4 inch fixed lens
F/No.: 2.8
Valid focal length (f): 6.4mm
White balance: Automatic
Self-timer delay: 10 seconds
Communication port: USB standard port
Image Sensor: 1/4 inch CMOS
Image Specification: 320*240 pixel (CIF) 160*120 pixel  (QCIF)
Mode: Single/Self-timer delay/ Consecutive exposure
100 seconds consecutive video: (160*120 pixel QCIF AVI format)
Exposure speed: 1/60 second-1/15743 second
Light Index: 3Lux
LCD panel: 2 digital seven-segment displays
Frame rate: 15 frame per second 6-8 frame per second in video mode

Power supply and management ( A Digital Camera) :

A) ONE AAA batteries
B) Automatically power off in 60 seconds idle.
C) 10 hours non-stop take photo.
D) Low battery alert
Operation System:WIN98/2000/Me/XP
Net weight: 40g; Gross weight: 150g
Dimensions:58.7 mm X41.7mm X15mm
Gift box: 25.5*15.7*4.0cm
Carton: 53*40*24.6cm ; 60pcs/carton

Note : This model includes 0.1 and 0.3 mega pixels

Digital Camera

2) D035-BX (0.35MP) / D010-BX (0.1MP)
( Digital Camera)

Specifications ( Digital Camera) :

    Video Component: 1/4 inch CMOS (for D010-BX only) ;1/3 inch CMOS (for D035-BX only)
Resolution: 100K pixels (for D010-BX only); 300K pixels
(for D035-BX only)
Shot Mode: single/auto shot/continuous shot/PC camera/set up AVI file
Photo Quality: good, best
Focus Adjusting: auto
Focus Range: 40cm~infinity
Lens: 3.0
Shutter Speed: 1/20~1/10000 second
Test Bright Mode: Auto
Long-term Exposure: no
White Balance: Auto
File Format: BMP
LCD Display Screen: 2-digit LCD display
Image Storage: Built-in 16MB SDRAM (for D035A only) Built-in 64MB SDRAM (for D035B only)
Interface: USB
User's Interface: English/Simple Chinese and so on
System Required: WIN98/98SE/2000/ME/XP, MAC OS8.6 or higher
Photo Storage: (for D010-BX only) CIF (352*288 pixels) 20 photos and QCIF (176*144 pixels) 80 photos
Photo Storage: (for D035-BX only)
Compression: VGA (640*480 pixels) 52 photos and CIF (352*288 pixels) 208 photos
Non-compression: VGA (640*480 pixels) 26 photos and CIF (352*288 pixels) 52 photos

Power supply and management :
( Digital Camera)

Power Supply: 2*1.5V AAA type
Dimension: 3.0W*12.5H*2.4Dcm
Storage Format: digit (24 bit color RGB Bmp based)
Erase Function: all photo and last photo
Net weight: 40g; Gross weight:328g
Gift box:17.5*14.5*8.5cmCarton:60*47*36cm, 40pcs/carton


 Digital Camera

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